Why I Offer All-Day Coverage

by | Mar 12, 2018

Hello and welcome, everybody! This post isn’t so much a “tips & tricks” video, as it’s more of an explanation/rant as to why I offer all day coverage on all of my wedding packages, as opposed to structuring hour based packages. One of the most common questions I get from brides, when they inquire about me shooting their wedding is- how many hours do I get in your packaging? My answer is the same to everyone. I don’t do hours. I don’t believe in hours, and it doesn’t make sense to me. I think that booking X amount of hours for your photographer is fine, because they are delivering individual photos of your day based on the hours that they are booked for. But for me, I’m delivering one big feature wedding film.

The goal to each and every one of my wedding films is to tell your love story. And the best way to tell your love story is by showing all of the fun, important moments throughout the day. From you getting ready, to having your flower girl help you put your jewelry on, to your dad’s first look, when he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. That’s really important, and adds to the wedding film.

On the flip side of the day, seeing you and your husband cut your wedding cake, throw the bouquet, toss the garter (if that’s what you’re doing), is all really important to have. But if you only were to book me for 6 hours, then you’re not going to get the preps, or you’re not going to get the cake cutting and the fun parts of the reception. It just doesn’t feel right. Your wedding won’t feel complete! And an incomplete wedding film is just something that I’m not interested in making.

Fun Fact: I actually did shoot a wedding once for only 6 hours. I subcontracted myself out to another company, on a day that I wasn’t shooting a wedding for myself. So I only shot the footage, then gave it over to them for the editing. The way they structured their packaging was by hours, so the bride and groom hired me for 6 hours. I missed the entire bride prep, I showed up earlier than scheduled so I could get the first look between the bride and the groom. There were just a lot of parts missing. Of course I filmed the ceremony and most of the reception, but my coverage was scheduled to end before the reception ended, and I actually missed a special dance. But they only hired me for 6 hours. I actually ended up being there for seven hours or so, but even then, there was so much that was missed. The point is- 6 hours is just not enough coverage time to tell a compelling love story.

That’s why all of my packages are all-day coverage, because it’s just not worth missing important moments- therefore making a less compelling wedding film. It’s not like I’m shooting another wedding that day anyway so…

One thing to note, is that I base my all-day coverage on what content is needed to make your wedding film great! Of course I’ll be there for your preps, while you’re doing hair and makeup, but I’m not going to be there at 7:00am when you roll out of bed. You bet I’ll be there for your cake cutting, and when you toss your bouquet and garter! But once the formalities end, I’m going to start packing up, because by that point, people will have had one too many drinks, the dance floor will start to die down, and I’ve already captured a lot of great content. If you’re doing any extra formalities like a sparkler exit, of course I’ll be there for it! I just need to know ahead of time, so I can prepare for it. Same thing goes if your bridal party plans a surprise speech or a surprise choreographed dance, I just need to know in advance, so I can cover it best.

But that’s it for me today! Thanks for reading my brief little rant on why I offer all-day coverage for all of my wedding packages, versus just offering different hours of coverage.

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